Pet stain and Odor removal

Did you know that in the US alone there are 83 million pet dogs and 92 million cats living in homes across the country? Pets are of course in most people’s eyes amazing companions to have around but as much as they can be a joy to own they can also be a little troublesome, especially when it comes to leaving pet odors behind and those little accidents that even the best-trained pet may have once in a while.

This can be an especially big problem for homeowners with carpet but is it really a problem that calls for the services of a company offering carpet cleaning in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia.

The Pet Odor Problem

Even a pet that could be said to be completely house broken cannot help but leave odors and dirt on carpets. Aside from their hair both cats and dogs, like humans, have oils in their skin and leave behind the same kind of simple soil and odors as you might if you happened to spend a day rolling around on the carpets without any clothes on!

Those who do live with pets are usually very much aware of the hair and fur they leave behind on carpets and tackle that with regular vacuuming. Pet odors however can be easy to ignore. as is the case with almost any smell in the home – cigarette smoke for example – if you live with it for a long time you become immune to it. You barely notice it anymore but for a person without pets in the home entering the house, it is noticeable right away.

DIY vs. Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Walk into any pet store and most grocery stores and you will find all kinds of solutions and sprays that claim they can deal with pet odors, which tempts people to make regular use of those instead of calling in a firm offering carpet cleaning at least occasionally.

The problem is with all of these pet store potions is that they only mask the problem. The carpets are no cleaner and the odors are not really gone, they are simply being covered up by flowery smelling perfumes.

Regular vacuuming of carpets helps, just as it does with basic carpet dirt and soil in general. However, when it comes to minimizing the impact pets have on carpet a regular professional carpet cleaning is the best solution. It is often recommended by carpet manufacturers that any type of carpet be professionally cleaned once every twelve to eighteen months. However, if you do have pets – even just one – it is a better idea to increase that schedule, maybe to every six to eight months.