The Pitfalls of Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Even if you vacuum your carpets every day without fail there is going to come a time when that is just no longer enough and it becomes fairly obvious that they are actually going to have to be cleaned. Although carpet cleaning in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey is affordable enough there are still always going to be those people who would prefer to save themselves some money and try doing the job themselves.

It all sounds easy enough in the beginning., Rent a carpet cleaning machine for the day, put in a couple of hours work with the end result being a nice clean carpet and a bit more cash in your pocket. The problem is that it is often not that easy and DIY carpet cleaning can actually end up damaging your carpets. Here are some of the most common problems that might occur:

  • Over-shampooing : Even if they read the instructions that came with the carpet cleaning machine, and the carpet shampoo itself properly if a carpet is particularly dirty its tempting to use a bit more shampoo than recommended to get it even cleaner. Unfortunately what usually happens is that by using too much shampoo it simply isn’t possible to rinse it all out with a lower powered rental machine and some of the suds are left behind to become magnets for dirt.
  • Skipping the Recommended Tests – Every carpet cleaner comes with a warning that it should be tested on a small, inconspicuous patch of the carpet that will be cleaned before shampooing begins to make sure that it will not discolor or damage the carpet. Sadly that is a step that too many people skip and they are then horrified when they are left with a damaged carpet.
  • Dealing with a Wet Carpet the Wrong Way – A wet carpet has to be dried properly or all kinds of things can go wrong. That means the carpet has to be dried as much as possible at the end of the cleaning process and then left to dry completely in a well ventilated place.

A professional carpet cleaning company has machines to dry carpets very quickly but a homeowner taking the DIY route does not. Mold, mildew and excessive shrinkage can all be caused by allowing a carpet to remain wet too long. If this happens then it makes a dirty carpet seem like it was a very small problem indeed.

What far too many people discover is that their attempt at do it yourself carpet cleaning ends up costing them far more than an affordable, professional, licensed carpet cleaning company would have charged to come in and do the job in the first place. The lesson they learn is that while saving money is not a bad idea there are certain things – including cleaning carpets – that really shouldn’t be scrimped on!