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Ben Hersh Rug Cleaning & RepairBen Hersh Rug Cleaning & RepairBen Hersh Rug Cleaning & Repair
Close up of a Persian rug with traditional patterns

How to tell if a persian rug is authentic

When it comes to authentication, Ben Hersh of Rug Cleaning & Repair recommends looking for a few key elements. Ben suggests inspecting the material composition and quality, checking the dyes used, and looking at the design’s level of detail and complexity. If a rug has been made with good quality materials, hand-knotted with high attention to detail, and dyed using natural plant solutions or vegetable dyes rather than chemical ones then chances are it is an authentic Persian rug. Ben also advises customers to look into the provenance of their rugs – if they have previously had an owner, what is that person’s history? This can be a valuable tip in determining authenticity. Finally, Ben suggests consulting a professional if in doubt as they can provide an authoritative opinion. Ben’s expertise ensures customers can find the perfect Persian rug for their home, authentic and beautiful!

Authentic Persian rugs are not only stunning pieces of art, but also highly valuable investments in one’s home. With Ben Hersh of Rug Cleaning & Repair’s tips on how to tell if a rug is authentic, customers can be sure that they are investing in a truly special item.

Ben’s Oriental Rug Repair services are also there to help maintain the quality of any Persian rug, ensuring that it lasts a lifetime. Ben’s expertise is the perfect way to make sure your rugs stay in top condition and bring you joy for years to come!

With Ben Hersh of Oriental Rug Repair on your side, you can rest assured that your Persian rug will remain as beautiful and authentic as the day you bought it! Ben’s experience and knowledge ensure that customers have the best chance at finding true authenticity in their rugs, while his repair services are there to protect them from damage. Investing in Ben Hersh of Oriental Rug Repair means investing in quality and longevity – something that will bring you joy for years to come!

Persian rug cleaning near me
Oriental rug cleaning near me

When it comes to keeping your oriental rug in tip-top shape, Ben Hersh has got you covered! With Ben Hersh’s experienced technicians and specialized cleaning equipment, you can trust that your precious carpet will get the best treatment possible. So if you need someone to clean your oriental rug the right way, Ben Hersh Oriental Rug Cleaning is the answer. Ben Hersh – providing quality, reliable Rug Cleaning in NJ, NY, Philadelphia and Northern Delaware! Contact Ben Hersh today and get your rug looking beautiful again. Ben Hersh – the best choice for all of your oriental rug cleaning needs!

Ben Hersh of Rug Cleaning & Repair is the go-to expert for cleaning and repair for all things Oriental rugs. Ben’s expertise, dedication, and attention to detail ensure that customers get the best care for their rugs.


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